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“…Hang Our Coats is the second single by Mr Koifish, and is a bitter sweet song that urges you to sacrifice everything to live your life with no regrets and to feel the blood pumping in your veins. You need to leap on the table and give exactly no fucks. Maybe life is only so so sweet because there isn’t all the time in the world – there’s only now. So get to it!…”


Bands of Tomorrow

“Mr. Koifish giver tydeligvis Køie et fripas til at gå på opdagelse i musikkens eksperimentelle afkroge. Ud over sit tunge, laid-back beat, flyder nummeret over med smooth synthesizer og smukke vokaliseringer, der smelter sammen til et lækkert og underspillet lydunivers. Selvom singlen både med de tunge, tilnærmelsesvist dunkle vibes og titlen ”The End” peger i retningen af et endepunkt, handler den ifølge Morten Køie i virkeligheden om det stik modsatte – starten på noget nyt:”


Indie Shuffle

“On this dreamy and goofy track the singer seems to drift in-between states of blind ambition, excited focus, and a serene sense of being content in the moment. Contradictory self-affirmations and trippy pictures are painted for us as a triumphant chorus states, “I know I can do what I am wanting to do!”



“Last year whilst visiting the Hearst Tower in New York, we were privileged to be taken to a private 50th anniversary exhibition on the animation in The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. And while it’s clear how its influence has continued to resonate, it was also a transporting experience, a peek into a 1960s decade of unfettered psychedelic mind expansion.

Wouldn’t you know, we felt nearly that exact same way upon viewing the video for Mr. Koifish‘s spacey new single “Be Loud.” The former bass player for Copenhagen’s Turboweekend, Morten Køie adopted the, um, fishy nom de guerre just in time to release debut track “The End” last summer”


The Four Oh Five

To realize his vision for his latest single, ‘Be Loud’, Køie linked up with UK artist Jody Barton. That’d be the fellow who’s designed album covers for Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Beck’s The Information, among others, folks.

Needless to say, the video boasts a distinct visual style, while Koifish’s often goofy lyrics sneak into your ears from a vocoder, but the real greatness here comes from the music, an effortlessly charming drum groove, gentle, trotting bass, and synths that suddenly seem to encircle you completely.



Køie emphasises collective collaboration and a positive ethos of belonging in his music. In his latest video a collaboration with UK artist Jody Barton (cover artist for iconic albums like Phoenix’s ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ and Beck’s ‘The Information’), the pair team up for a trippy lyric video. Giving off a bit of a Daft Punk vibe; colorful visuals, bubbling bass, and glassy detuned synths make “Be Loud” a strange, engaging journey from the start.